Crochet on the red carpet

Actress Cat Blanchett was recently photographed wearing this over-the-top/off-the-shoulder granny square dress.

I have mixed feelings about this. While it's great to see crochet in the A-list spotlight, I have to say: Cate, you could do better. Next time you want a fabulous crochet dress, call us - we'll totally hook you up!

As for the dress itself, it's from Austrailan clothing design company Romance Was Born. Check out their web site for all kinds of avant-garde crochet fashions. I do love their outrageous creativity - it's hard to tell, but I think one of the male models on their site is wearing a crochet beard!


Kate's Dress: A Hot, Scary Mess? Yes and No

My fellow Yarnies,

Though you make some great points, many of which I do see, I think some of your comments are about as over the top as poor Kate's dress. Personally, I love taking "outdated" motifs, patterns, and stitches (like granny squares, chevrons, etc) and playing with color and texture to put a post-modern spin on them. I think (assume? hope?) that that's what the designers of this dress were attempting to do, unfortunately they fell a little short of the mark.

I also agree that there are some issues with the dress beyond the patterning, but the dress's biggest issue isn't that it's made from a granny square motif, it's that the fit is rather unflattering, making an otherwise gorgeous woman look like she's wearing a craft project some 12 year old did in home ec class about 20 years ago (no offense to any 12 year olds out there).

Still, the upside is the attention the dress brings to the art of crochet. Course though, that could be the downside as well given this particular dress LOL!!

Just horrid!!!

Nothing about this dress works. Cate is such a stunning woman I can't imagine how she could have thought this was a good idea. It makes her look like a little girl playing dress-up with her grandma's afghan & some old fur pieces attached. Even the tights & shoes add to the whole mess of this outfit. Fugly!


Why, Cate? Why? Always one of the most elegant red carpet star...
Love, love crochet but you could choose better, even from that same brand. They have great stuff!

Afghan Dress

Great. Just when people are starting to realize that crocheted garments can be flattering, beautiful things, someone famous takes us straight back to the 70's and the horror of the acrylic, bright,garish granny squares. Although I have seen worse colours, I can't remember seeing a worse dress. If you took away the granny squares and the frills it would look okay....

Kate Blanchett...shades of Gone With the Wind?

I'm sorry, but didn't Scarlett wear the drapes at one point? This seems like wearing the afghan.

Swing and a miss Cate.

Well great, now even MORE people think crocheting is nothing more than 7 granny squares sewn together. The female photographers face is summing up a lot of the comments I've been reading. (Glad to know other people have faith in stylish, wearable crochet).

Now the over all design isn't bad. I love the cut and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trim. But I would have used a different stitch entirely. I can't help thinking how pretty this off the shoulder number would have been in a shell stitch pattern. Or a gilded fan. Or treble crochet. Open and lacy. I've seen a sweater pattern on this very website that would be great inspiration. Maybe in a light rose with a warmer, cream trim... *gasps* New project?

But alas its too late for Cate...I might have nightmares about these granny squares tonight.

Come on!!! Seriously??

I love, love, love to crochet and design. This dress is exactly what makes people question why us crocheters love it so much. Someone as beautiful as Cate Blanchett could have turned it around for us. As happy as I am to see crochet out there and being worn I feel like that dress could have set the crochet world back forty years. With all the beautiful designs and talented crocheters now, where were they when this dress was being made. Don't celebrities have people for this?

Too Much Going On!

Yes it is a nice concept but there is entirely too much going on with this dress. Granny's dress but the way it is presented it looks like they took grandma's afgan and just wrapped her in it. Then threw on some ruffles to try and make it look a little fancy. Maybe if it was just two colors (B&W), blk and pink or variations of 3 specific colors it may have come off better. The black lines with those vibrant colors just cut her body into pieces and it makes her look like she is wrapped in a towel. Too straight up and down. The sides need to come in (belt, elastic or something. It should drape her body better.

Black Fringes

I would remove the black frillies on the neckline, wrist and bottom edge of the skirt and just edge the dress with black yarn. It's such a busy dress, streamlining could arguably have been a better solution to the dress, and eliminating the black yarn that's holding all the Granny squares together, it's takes away from the fun mish-mash of colours. If the dress was in that great blue pallette on Kate's upper left chest (sleeve side) I would've been such a huge fan! Good to see that Crochet is cool in Hollywood :)

Crochet on the runway

I agree! While I have nothing against the Granny Square itself, there are so many more attractive ways in which to show case it. The model did an excellent job in giving this garment some kind of voice. I also was wondering what the designer was thinking in designing this garment! To quote an earlier post, giving crochet the opportunity to have such a high profile, you don't want it to have comments like "this looks like it belongs on the back of my grandmother's sofa". Thank you!